One of the most prevalent accusations in today's society is that people are generally ignorant.  The population is hesitant to listen to others and try to gain an understanding of the viewpoints of others. One area where I feel this happens most often is in religion.
People's appreciation for religion fails to extend past their own.  At a recent forum I learned the phrase 'holy envy.'  This beautiful concept urges people to find the value in other religions and implement these practices within the framework of their own faith. Not only can this increase faith, but it will foster respect and love for others not of our beliefs.
I have seen this principle work in my own life. While studying at BYU, I took Survey of World Religions and gained a deeper understand and respect of people of other faiths.  I was able to see how religions other than my own were able to bless the lives of others. Furthermore, my faith increased.  My life was blessed by this class and I will be forever grateful for the perspective I gained. I think that a comparative religion course should be added to the GE requirements at all universities.  A class of this nature can bless the lives of so many and cultivate a greater love among the people of the world.


  1. I really like this entry... I hope that you keep up the blogging. You have a lot of great ideas to share with the world.

  2. Since you now know my blog-stalking you is not a secret, I was wondering who your professor was for the class. I had Alonzo Gaskill last semester, and he was AMAZING. LOVED that man's class. I think we could go on a WHOLE DISCOURSE on this matter. BUT you will get this first-hand in Jerusalem. SUPER excitedly-"wholly envious" of the opportunity you have to go!

  3. Cecilly, I love you!! I had Brother Choi, but Brother Gaskill subbed one day and he is amazing :)I am so taking a class from him before I leave BYu!


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