Skógafoss was my FAVORITE stop in Iceland. It's right off the Ring Road and is the most spectacular waterfall. Enjoy the spray at the bottom and then climb to the top where you'll find the happiest surprise...

As summer slowly slips into fall, my roommate and I decided to escape the city and head out to the cape. I've wanted to go to the cape since I moved to Boston and this weekend I finally got the chance! Cape Cod is every bit as dreamy as I imagined.

When your morning starts like this, you just know that you're in for a perfect day. The clouds that rolled in with the morning stayed all day long, filling my Jane Austen heart and having me looking for Mr. Darcy all day. 

Icelandic sheep are the stuff of legends. And this little guy was more than happy to pose for the camera. We found him as we drove out to a lighthouse perched on the coast. 

Our second day in Iceland began with a breakfast of skyr and miles of driving. In researching our trip we learned about this tiny fishing village that is a feast for the eyes: Siglufjörður. Crystal clear water, brightly colored houses with crisp white trim, and perfectly manicured flowered boxes.
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