Last night I went out to dinner with a bunch of friends to celebrate one of their birthdays. Fall has taken over Baltimore and I was a bit chilly as I walked the few blocks to the restaurant. I then realized a major oversight in closet: I don't own a fall coat!

Since my stressful week at school is over I've finally had time to look at coats online. Coats are tricky. I always try to get coats that walk the line between dressy and casual so that I get maximum usage out of them. Here are some of the ones I'm thinking of getting (links at the bottom of the post):

These are both pretty dressing, but I really like the length of them. 

I'm really into quilted jackets/vests lately so I love this blue one!

Variations on a theme here, but gray is just so versatile. Also, these styles are very Kate Middleton which automatically means I'm on board.

Last, I've always wanted a classic trench coat. I love Burberry's but I don't have $1900 to spend so I found a look-a-like which a much more manageable price tag. 

Anyone else find a great fall coat?

High Collar//No Collar
Trench Coat


  1. Ashley Wilkinson26 September, 2014 14:49

    I LOOOOVE That first grey one (#2) and that trench coat!

  2. I ended up buying that grey one! And I 'visit' that trench coat all the time haha


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