Welcome to The Commentary! You've found my little corner of the internet, woot woot! I'm never quite sure what to put in the About Me page. Sometimes they're really serious and read like the inside of a book cover, but that's just not me. I'm more of a laundry list girl, so I'll just list off what I think are the 'need-to-know' about me:

I love donuts. This isn't just a passing thing, either. I believe that the donut is the most perfect food on the planet. Sprinkled, dusted with powdered sugar, filled with jelly--doesn't matter. I love them all. 

I am a proud fan of boy bands. Always have been, always will be. 

I taught myself to sew last year and am a total addict. I now have what my mother calls my 'hobby bin' which is a big tub full of all my fabric scraps. So if you ever need any, you know who to call. 

Travel is probably my favorite thing. As soon as I get home from one trip I start planning another. Travel diaries here.

Closely related, I am a total Anglophile. I love everything about the UK and British culture. I've got a healthy herbal tea aficionado (two sugars and a splash of milk) and watch Notting Hill way more than I care to admit. Oh, and Kate Middleton is my fashion icon.  

My bookcase is overflowing with classic novels. I'm rarely found without a book so I also tend to carry a large purse. 

I'm a Mormon. To find out more about what I believe click here and here.

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