Hagia Sophia
Sad/Happy/Super exciting news!!! My study abroad group's trip to Egypt has been cancelled :( We were supposed to spend 10 days exploring this historical oasis.  The trip included a trip to the pyramids, Cairo, and Luxor.  I was definitely looking forward to visiting the land of the Pharaohs, but I am not overly heart broken about the change of plans because.......

Delicious Turkish Cuisine!
WE'RE GOING TO TURKEY!!!! I am beyond excited to visit Turkey.  It has definitely been on my bucket list for a while now and I am going to get to check it off :) We have not received our itinerary for this part of our trip, but I am banking on getting to see Istanbul and the Hagia Sophia.  I have wanted to see this church since I learned about it in my art history class.  It's amazing! And let's not forget to mention all the amazing food! Hummus, pita bread, and kebabs to my heart's content :)

Sea of Galilee
The rest of the trips seems to be unchanged.  We will still be visiting Jordan and Galilee.  I am looking forward to all of the amazing culture that Jerusalem and its surrounding areas have to offer.  I plan to make a trip to see the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem.  The entire group is also going to the Dead Sea.  I am  anxious to float like a buoy without any effort! I am on the two week countdown and feeling restless! I am ready for it to be here :)

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