Me overlooking the Wadi Qelt (the road from Jericho to Jerusalem)
Jerusalem is quickly becoming one of my favorite places in the entire world! There's so many wonderful things about this beautiful city.  There's so much about this place that I love that I decided to make another list :)'s my ten favorites things about the Holy Land!!

10. The cobbled streets
9. The plethora of smells in the Old City
8. Ben Yehudah Street (the Greenwich Village of Jerusalem)
7. The Jewish open air market
6. PITA!
5. The JC
4. The exposure to other cultures
3. The most delectable food in the world :)
2. The wonderful people
1. The constant reminder of Christ's presence in this ancient city

I have loved my time in Israel so far.  I have learned so much, about myself and the people of this land. We have been on lock down at the Center for two days now, which means we haven't been allowed to leave the JC to go into the city.  There have been some conflicts in the city and for our safety, our security team has decided that it was best if we stayed home.  We have heard some foreign noise from the surrounding neighborhoods, but other than this and the limited city hours, we have unaffected by the current situation and remain safe and sound :)

Tomorrow we begin our adventure to Turkey!!! Can't wait!!

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