Blue Mosque from the Hagia Sophia
This is my last post about Turkey :( It makes me a little sad that I do not get to relive my amazing trip anymore, haha. The pictures are out of order and I am not sure how to fix it...sorry! We spent the morning of our last day at the mosque in Bursa.  It is the fifth largest mosque in the world.  It was beautiful! The attention to detail was astounding.  I loved being able to soak in the beauty of it all. The kiblah was overlaid with gold and looked as if it had been untouched for hundreds of years.  Ah, what a wonderful building!

Exterior of the Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia
 From Bursa we began to head back to Istanbul.  We were driving towards the ferry when our professors decided to take a detour and see Nicaea. It was an unexpected stop but it was well worth the trip.  The church as Nicaea is simple, but wonderful.  It is free of pews and other markings of a church.  It is a large room with exposed beams and light pouring in through the windows.  It amazes me to stand in places where such important decisions were made.  I loved being able to learn about the Nicene Creed and what it meant for Christianity.  I gained a great knowledge and appreciation for this document.  I feel as if I cannot soak up all the knowledge of this land fast enough!
Joan and I at the Hagia Sophia

Rob, Me, and BJ at the Hagia Sophia
 Our last stop in Turkey was the Hagia Sophia.  I felt giddy as we drove up to the church and the bus parked.  The Hagia Sophia is in the top ten of my bucket list and I could not wait to go inside.  As we waited outside I was stunned by the presence of the church.  It is huge! I knew the building was enormous, but it is different when you are standing at the bottom and looking straight up to the top.  Finally, it came time to go inside.  The church was more magnificent that I could have imagined. The light bathes the entire building in a gold as it streams in the window.  It makes the massive room feel warm and inviting.  The light dances on the mosaics, making the colors all the more brilliant.  I was worried that I would be disappointed by the Hagia Sophia or that my expectations were too high.  I was so wrong! It was everything that I wanted it to be and more.  The church is absolutely stunning! I loved every moment that I was able to spend basking in the radiance of this place.  From the Hagia Sophia we headed straight to the airport for our flight back to the JC.  Turkey was wonderful! I loved every minute of it.  I want so badly to return :)
Me at Nicaea 

Mosque at Bursa

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  1. These pictures are so cool. You are so lucky to be having these experiences!!! LOVE YOU GIRL


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