Have you ever had one of those super awkward days where all of your clothes are the exact same color? Welcome to my Tuesday :) I am currently serving as a council member on the BYU/SA Student Advisory Council aka student government.  We wear these delightful blue polos every Tuesday.  Two Tuesday ago I decided that I didn't want to wear my khakis all day (a requirement for work) so I just picked a pair of jeans and threw them in backpack.  Upon changing after work, however, I found that I had made a major fashion faux pas....my jeans were the exact same color as my polo.  They may have even been in the same batch of dye.  I was basically a walking navy blue Crayola crayon.  I called Mama for sympathy and she just laughed :) So I spent the remainder of my day shamelessly endorsing Crayola.  I could have changed back into my khakis and averted any further embarrassment (someone thought I was wearing scrubs and others just laughed), but how many people have the opportunity to live a day in the life of a crayon?

PS Pics to follow :)

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