It's that time of the semester when I begin to daydream of lazy summer afternoons and late night bonfires.  (Although this summer is not going to be so lazy....) March just seems to be the hardest month of the whole year.  School is picking up, finals are right around the corner, and the weather is warming up.  All I want to do is lay on the grass and soak in the sun's warm rays.
While this summer is going to be full of classes, homework, and tests, I do have something delightful to look forward to.....Keyla and I are going to California! I'm trying to convince her to go twice, but we are definitely going at least once.  I have never been to the sun-soaked state of Cali so I am bubbling over with excitement.  It will be wonderful to escape Provo for a few short, glorious day.  Our plan is to pile in her little car and drive down to LA and stay with a friend.  We still haven't finalized our plans, but I for sure have a list of things that I want to do :)
Huntington Beach
Obviously we have to go to the beach.  It's a must if you're within fifty miles of a beach! California has beaches like the South has churches, so we have to pick our beach carefully.  I am thinking that I want to go to Huntington Beach.  First, that's where all the big beach volleyball tournaments are so maybe we'll see some intense games going on and (knock on wood) get to play :) Second, it is stinkin' beautiful! The sand is white, the water is a clear blue, and the temperature is perfect.  The pier goes on for miles with tons of fun little shops and restaurants. Finally, the sunsets are incredible (at least the pictures are).  It's a win win!
Best Street Ever
We are also going to take a stroll down Rodeo Drive.  This is also required when traveling to SoCal.  We clearly won't buy anything since we're poor students :) Maybe we'll spot a celebrity or two, which would be fun. I'm thinking I probably shouldn't even take my purse on that trip.... Also in an effort to spot a famous face, we'll walk down the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
The Happiest Place on Earth
The last must stop on my is....DISNEYLAND! I feel like I missed out on a right of passage during my childhood since I have never been.  I plan to ride every single ride, excluding the kiddie rides of course.  And I will shamelessly look for Mickey and Minnie all day so I can get my picture taken with them. Naturally we'll get there as soon as the park opens and ride all the good rides first before the lines get insane.  We'll hit Space Mountain and Splash Mountain first and move on from there.  Around lunch time we'll buy some ridiculously overpriced lunch and eat it while we watch a show or something.  We'll continue to ride rides until the end of the night when we'll race over to Cinderella's castle for the fireworks show. After a fun-filled day we'll return home and sleep like the happy children we will be :) The next morning we'll pile back into the car and make the long drive back to Provo, singing obnoxiously the whole way!

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