After several long days of packing and not packing (because it's super boring and I hate it), I have made it to my new house! I'm excited to start the new semester, but the house definitely has some funny quirks :) For instance, all of the light switches are on the outside of the rooms where the light is. I really hope that someone does not decide to cut the lights while I am showering...that would be awkward. There also seems to be a severe lack of outlets in the house :) My bedroom has four, but they're all on one wall...opposite my bed.  This is going to make watching Grey's Anatomy pretty interesting since my computer's battery life is pretty nonexistent.  My whole room is blue: the walls and the ceiling.  It's not a bright wow-I-think-I'm-Greece-blue either.  It's more of a I-think-I-have-frostbite-blue.  My room is tiny, but I say it's cozy.  It makes it seem bigger.

I want this color

I have this color

The bathroom is equally interesting.  There is a huge window in the shower (no, you didn't read that wrong).  It looks on to this delightful church parking lot, so I guess I won't be showering on Sunday mornings.  I think the window is actually frosted, but it's still a little disgruntling. The temperature of the water is impossible to get just right and I couldn't figure out how to turn it off.  One of my dear roommates finally told me that the water doesn't shut off all the way, so each night I fall asleep to the sound of running water.  I'll just pretend that I'm in Greece with the right color blue :) The bathroom is extremely small (think phonebooth), but it works just the same.  One of our kitchen cabinets has a pencil sharpener on it and our AC sits in the window.  Despite all of these character enhancing features, I love this house.  It will be full of adventures I'm sure, but I wouldn't have it any other way

The size of the bathroom

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  1. Haha, Angela, this sounds exactly like the house I lived in at BYUI! Window smack dab in the shower and the light switches wer on the outside! Definitely the quirkiest house ever but my best semesters of college were lived in that house. You have some fun coming your way!


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