Well, I'm 21 now, just like Adele's new album (aka the greatest).  No more childish adventures or immature doings.  From now I am all-grown.  I'll do things like read the newspaper, watch the stock market, and pay bills :)  Here's the 21 things I want to do before my next birthday!

  1. Get into the Marriott School of Management (application is due June 30th!)
  2. Buy a car
  3. Read all of the Standard Works
  4. Get an internship at either BCG, Bain, or Deloitte
  5. Travel somewhere new
  6. Get into the Strategy program at BYU
  7. Read a classic novel
  8. Become a pro at driving stick shift
  9. Get a 4.0 one semester
  10. Continue learning the guitar
  11. Vote
  12. Become a hipster
  13. Plant a garden
  14. Attend a fun. concert
  15. Bungee jump
  16. Learn to play a new sport
  17. Travel to the Pacific Ocean
  18. Learn to bake bread
  19. Make a surprise trip home
  20. Play a whole game of chess
  21. Sing karaoke 

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  1. What!? When did that happen? I can hardly believe you are 21! Happy Birthday lil' lady!
    Awesome goals!

    Melane ;)


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