It's that time of the semester again....finals.  Right now I should be studying and cramming every piece of information possible into my brain.  But, I just can't do it anymore.  I have been working through my accounting notes for a solid (not so solid) five hours.  Here's what I've done instead:

-Purchased a new app for my Mac (I decided to go with the MacBook Pro!) that makes sounds like rain and thunder and whatnot to help me focus while studying (meant to help with accounting...)
-Watched the Olympics.  They only come once every two years so I feel justified
-Taken an obnoxiously long shower
-Cleaned my room
-Read some blogs
-Written a blog 
-Finished my hummus and Wheat Thins
-Thought about going for a run
-Decided against the run
-Water my plants
-Polished off my Cheerios

Some may look at this list and think that I've completely wasted my day.  When I look at this list, though, I see a day well spent.  Cheers!

I watched this man win the 10K this morning and loved every minute of it.  And, naturally, I cried just a little bit :)

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