Last week my ward had an activity where a few suave ward members taught everyone to salsa. Unfortunately, I had a few group meetings so I couldn't go, but word on the street is that it was a blast. On Sunday I saw one of the said dancers and made the comment, "So I heard you can really cut a rug." I was met with a smirk and a "cut a what?"

Since this interchange I have asked several friends, acquaintances, co-workers, and other assorted groups of people if they have a knowledge of this saying. I was surprised at the mixed responses. Most, however, had not. Personally, I think this is an atrocity. These epithets are the core of American culture (ok, that may be a little strong). Still, a conversation sprinkled with these delightful sayings are all the more interesting. 

Here is a list of some of the greats and what they're really saying:

Cut a rug: to dance

Two shakes of lamb's tail: quickly

Oh my stars!: Geez whiz! Wow!

'Til the cows come home: for a long, but indefinite amount of time

The bees knees: excellent, the highest quality

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