It rained today. I love rain. I love the smell of rain. I love the steely grey skies rain brings. I love the sound of rain on the roof as I fall asleep. I love rain.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="710"]Image Me in the rain.[/caption]

Rain makes me want to cuddle up on the couch, watch Pride and Prejudice, and drink hot chocolate. Rain always makes me nostalgic for England, not that I've been there or anything. It makes me want to read a good book and wear sweatpants. Rain also makes me want to bake cookies so the aroma mixes with the fresh smell all through my house. Rain also makes me want to go on road trips. I love the sound of the rain beneath the tires and soft drizzle on the windshield. 


Today I sat on the couch and listened to the rain splatter on the window. I loved every second of it. I love rain

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