Today while I was at work I stumbled upon this blog:
This young man goes around NYC and just takes pictures of people he sees. Sometimes he'll ask them questions and post those along with their picture. Cheesy as it may sound, this blog is completely captivating! Ordinary people sometimes say the most profound things. For example, one of the ladies he photographed had just lost her husband. While describing this experience she shared this insight:
 "I sometimes wish that I’d focused less on the fact that he was dying, and more on the fact that he was still alive.”
How beautiful is that?! I just sat for a moment and let that sink in. This blog is full of little snippets like this. What I love most about this blog is that it's like looking through a window into someone else's life, just for a second. I wish I had this skill. Sometimes I let my timidness keep me from really connecting with people. It's definitely something I am working on and trying to change. I want to be able to ask a simple question like this fellow blogger and have such a beautiful answer be given or have it spur a conversation. That's what life is about: learning from other people and connecting with them. The Humans of New York blog is definitely an inspiration and motivation for me to develop this talent!

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