Ten things I learned from finals week:

  1. Popcorn makes an acceptable dinner during finals.

  2. Studying for hours on end will not help on your Organizational Behavior final.

  3. That really is your number with the lower-than-normal score next to it.

  4. Keep a stoic disposition when looking at your scores.

  5. New sweatpants make everything better.

  6. There’s no diet during finals week (see number 1).

  7. Sleep is a gift that should be taken advantage of whenever possible.

  8. Studying is much more effective if you’re watching a movie with friends at the same time.

  9. If you’re forced to be inside all day it’s bound to be beautiful weather.

  10. No matter how much you’re looking forward to the end of finals, you feel a little lost when the end finally comes.

However, I am finished with finals and am ready to bask in the glory of summer :) This is pretty much how I'm feeling:


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