Once upon a time I wrote about how much I love rain. Well, rain and I are not so good right now. Yesterday I woke up bright and early to what looked to be a promising day. The sun was just peaking out from behind the mountains as I drove home from the pool. It was a beautiful spring morning.

My internship starts tomorrow and I had some things that I needed to get done on campus. I headed up to the Tanner building. Since it was such a gorgeous day, I decided to conserve gas and walk. My house is twenty minutes from the business school, but that wasn't a big deal. While I was working through my orientation material it began to rain. This wasn't just a light drizzle, it was a steady down-pour.

I also made the unfortunate decision to take a different backpack....without my umbrella. At this point I decided to I would try to wait out the storm. It can only rain buckets for so long, right? Half an hour passes and my stomach begins to rumble AND the computer lab is freeeeezing! (Unfortunately I had to use a PC.) I had no choice: It was time to venture out into the rain. Breakfast/lunch could wait no longer.

I'm pretty sure that my normal 20 minute walk took 40 minutes. It was cold and wet. It was also the first time I had done my hair since camping...karma, anyone? I trudged home and by the time I got there I was drenched from head to toe. I finally get in the door, change out of my wet clothes, look out the window, and realize it had stopped raining. Literally 2 MINUTES after I got home. Hence, rain and I are not speaking anymore.

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