I love Sweden. I've never been there, but I imagine it's beautiful :) Sarah Kay will have to tell me when she gets back!

The reason I love Sweden is going to sound super superficial--I get that, but I'm going to say it anway:

I love that place! Every time I'm home in NC Mama Lo and I make a stop. I mean, this is an event.You have to plan a whole day because there's so much to see! And no one wants to be rushed at Ikea. (Also, their cinnamon buns are to DIE for so you should factor that in on your next trip!) Ikea is a real life Pinterest board-no joke. They set up the rooms and those houses that are 12 square feet but somehow have everything in them. You walk past and think, "Oh I could totally do that." It's amazing; I love it. Each time I go it makes me want to buy a house and fill it with all the cool things Ikea wants to sell me (well played, marketers). 

Today, I'm going to Ikea :) I do have a list of things I need to buy, but we all know I'm coming home with much more than that. #shesgotaproblem 

So happy Saturday, blogosphere, and may your day be a productive as mine :) Oh, and thanks, Sweden for creating the greatest store in the world, I owe ya one. 

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