You know how when you have lots of siblings and you mother goes through the whole list before she gets you? "Nate, Sam, David, Nick...ANGELA!!"

Mama Lo took this to a whole new level today. I was getting ready to head out for a run when I get call from mama. This is how the conversation went (Mama in regular font, me in italics):

"What kind of shampoo do you use?"

"It depends...usually Herbal Essences. Why?"

"Because you said you were out so I'm picking some up."

"I didn't say I was out..."

"Yes, you did! Now I'm just trying to get you the right kind."

"Why are you getting mad?" (I'm mega confused at this point)

"Because you won't tell me what kind of shampoo you use!"

"I'm confused why we're having this conversation...."

"Because you put it on the list!"

(Understanding shines upon me at this point) "Oooh...I'm not Jen."

Begin uncontrollable laughter. Oh, Mama Lo...this is being told at every dinner from now through eternity :)

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