Last weekend I trekked up to Brigham City with some roommates for Peach Days! Mama and Pops used to take me to Peach Days when I was really little and I wanted to go back :) We saw my grandparents and ate toooooons of peaches!

Activities included:

  • Dutch oven dinner
  • Peach cobbler
  • Enjoying the carnival lights, but riding the rides because they were mega inspensive
  • Escaping the rain by hiding in one of the booths
  • Fireman's breakfast
  • Parade! (the kids next to us got waaay more candy than us!)
  • Obscenely long nap
  • Eclipse concert (they were amazing)
  • More cobbler
  • Indiana Jones

Such an amazing weekend!

Carnival lights

Katie and I work the same outfit...


Cozying up for the concert!

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