Lately I've been reading The Count of Monte Cristo. Hello, fabulous book! You should all read it. On more than one occasion I've found myself still reading it waaaaay beyond my bedtime. Yes, I am that girl. It's genetic...ask Mama Lo.

While I was talking to a friend about it we found ourselves discussing why reading is so amazing. Here are my thoughts:

  1. Reading requires basically no effort. I enjoy a good swim as much as the next girl, but sometimes all I want to do is stay curled up in my bed, wearing my Christmas sweater. A beautifully written book fits very nicely into this scenario.
  2. Reading does not involve me eating obscene amounts of calories when I'm sad. Yes, I have on occasion eaten an ENTIRE PINT of Ben and Jerry's when my day has been awful...who hasn't? However, since I enjoy the scenario in point numero uno so much, I try to read my sorrows away more often than not.
  3. You can read ANYWHERE. Case-in-point (is that how you do that? is that even the right combination of words?) I went to Puerto Rico this summer to visit Kristen and Alex. While I was there I picked up Alex's copy of The English Girl by Daniel Silva. I read that book non-stop for two days. It didn't matter that we drove across that beautiful tropical paradise to get to the rain forest...I sat in the back of that Camry and inhaled that book. (It's a definite it after you've read The Count of Monte Cristo--you won't be disappointed.)
  4. Unlike many TV shows, there are many, many books that never, and I mean never, in a hundred million years (yes this sentence is getting ridiculously long), get old. Do I still stay up into the wee hours of the morning reading Harry Potter 7 even though I know what happens and could probably recite the last three chapters? Absolutely :) 
  5. You can learn pretty much anything by reading. Lest you think I only read books, Wikipedia is one of my most frequented sights. It is a treasure trove, my friends. Let's say I'm reading BBC news and come across an obscure reference to some European war I've never heard of. What do I do? Wikipedia. My professor starts talking about complex economic theory? No problem: Wikipedia. It's amazing. I can also be found reading random articles on wiki late into the night. (I think there's a theme here...)

There it is: Five extremely good reasons to read. There's more for sure, but I have to finish this book I'm reading... :) 

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