With only a few weeks left to go to graduation I find that my life is a collection of lists:

  • Things to do before graduation
  • Items to pack
  • Things to do before Europe
  • Things to do before next fall
  • People to hang out with/say goodbye to
  • Restaurants to try
  • Books to sell
  • Papers to write
  • Projects to finish

My lists go on and on...I'm even making lists of lists! Having so many lists tends to stress some people out, but I love lists. There is something so satisfying about crossing an item off your list. Since I don't really run anymore, this is my runner's high. Making lists gives some sort of structure to my currently-loosely-structured world; lists put my mind at ease and gives me a sense of moving in some sort of direction. I'm probably going to look through my journals in forty years and just find an endless collection of lists with items scribbled off. You know what, though? The sight will make me happy. 

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