A few days ago I saw a friend from my study abroad program that I hadn't seen for ages. As we caught up on life, the conversation inevitably turned to my future. Graduation is marching steadily closer and my plans are as unsettled as ever. Instead of the panic of a few weeks ago, I am feeling more at peace about the current situation.

As my friend and I were talking, he pointed out some insights that I had not yet thought of. So often I am focused on the end goal--the five year plan or whatever other timeline I have put myself on. I become so wrapped up in the destination that maybe I miss out on the journey a little bit. As he talked about this concept, he explained that so much of who we become happens in the 'getting there' portion of the journey. The goal is important, but we are often a different person when we get there. Hard work and perseverance change our very nature; these qualities make us better than we were.

My friend encouraged me to look at where I want to be in five years and start working towards that goal. I know where I want to be and what I want my look like. As I align my daily practices and focus with my vision, I will begin to become the person that will be ready for whatever that vision is. Even if I don't 'achieve' that goal or my life doesn't look exactly how I want it, I will have developed those qualities and will be much closer to the person I want to be. This life is a process and it is such a blessing to be constantly moving forward and changing for the better.  

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