It's official! I am going to Oslo! This whole trip to Oxford didn't seem real until I had actually bought a plane ticket. It just finally hit me yesterday: I am going to Europe! The first stop is going to be Norway. 

Just as with Amsterdam, I have been researching like crazy! I think that is all I did yesterday after I finished up all my "to-do" list things. There is so much in this city!! I love art and Oslo is just filled with little galleries and museums. There is a whole park of sculptures that you're allowed to climb all over. I've just started compiling a short list, but here's what I've got so far:

  • National Gallery 
  • Vigelandsparken
  • Det Kongelige Slott (the Royal Palace)
  • Oslo Cathedral (I'm a sucker for churches)
  • Sognsvann Lake
  • The Viking Ship Museum
  • Oscarhall Summer Palace
  • Botanical Garden
  • Frank Znort Quartet 
  • Oslo Theatre Museum 

Any other suggestions?

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