So I know it's a ways off, but packing to go to Europe is already stressing me out! Honestly, how do you pack for a six-week trip in one measly suitcase and a small carryon? I'm not Martha Stewart here, people! Normally I would throw in a few outfits that all kind of look the same and call it good, but that won't cut it this trip. My seminar at Oxford calls for business professional (blazers and all) for an entire two weeks! There is going to have to be major packing strategy involved..

For the vaca part of my trip though, I'm thinking tea length/maxi skirts. They're cute, easy to pack, and not too hot (Europe is looking at a major heat wave this summer!). Not only that, I was looking at pictures from Jerusalem recently and I'm wearing khakis in almost every shot--not exactly super attractive. The major bonus with skirts though is that you can fold them super small, which means I can have more than three non-Oxford outfits! Win win win!

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