Remember how I'm applying to graduate school? The time has come for me to put together a portfolio. For some reason this is always the most stressful part. You'd think that it would be the personal essay portion, but it's not. I can usually string together some words that work. I enjoy writing so I don't mind the essay, but the portfolio--that's a whole different ball game. I can never seem to narrow down which pieces I want to use. Even now I am sorting through pictures, desperately trying to put together a package of images that represent my best work. Lucky for me, I live in the age of social media where I can get input from lots of different sources! So, which do you think should make the cut? Think National Geographic-esque.

Black and whites:



  1. Keyla Rodriguez25 March, 2014 10:15

    I think your strongest black and white one is definitely the window one, hands down. And compositionally, I think the lanterns and the portrait of the older man are your best color ones :) What are the requirements for portfolio pieces? Are you only submitting pictures?

  2. I'm applying for a photojournalism program in DC so only pictures :) They didn't give any 'requirements' other than photos only and to have a diverse selection. I only get 20 photos so I need to narrow it down.


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