Oh, the Oscars: the pinnacle of film success. The essence of 'making it' in Hollywood. But let's be honest--we're not watching for the speeches or the clips. We're watching to see the pretty dresses and listen to Ellen's opening monologues. We'll look up the winners tomorrow over our morning Cheerios. 

Or maybe this is just how I watch the Oscars. I tune in for the last 20 minutes for the big awards and call it a night. I was disappointed that Leo didn't win for Best Actor, snubbed for the umpteenth time. C'mon people. This is getting as ridiculous as Ryan Gosling being passed over for People's Sexiest Man alive. The man deserves the Oscar. 

Although the award distribution was less than lovable (Jennifer Lawrence didn't win either!), the dresses were great. So here are my five favorites:

The red is great and the peplum is perfect. Well done, JLaw.

Everything about this dress is perfect. Nothing I can say will make it better. The only consolation about Jennifer Lawrence not winning the Oscar is that the winner was wearing this dress. 

Pure class, Ms Adams. 

I love this dress. It's soft, elegant, and classy. Well chosen, Cate. Very fitting for an Oscar winner. 

This is utter perfection.

Well, there ya go. Now you have basically watched the Oscars. 

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  1. Thanks, Angela. Now I don't have to watch...and I didn't.


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