In the midst of all my craziness graduation/moving/turning my life inside out I had the opportunity to take a dear friend to the MTC as she begins her mission. Kylee was in my ward growing up and was extremely close with my sister. As we both moved away to college we continued to stay in touch and remained friends. A few months ago she called me to share the exciting news of her mission call with me. I am so excited for her! She will be an absolutely amazing missionary!

I picked her up from the airport, fed her dinner, and put her to bed in preparation for her first day of her mission. On Wednesday we hung around my apartment (which looks like an absolute war-zone as I pack) until it time for lunch. For her last meal we decided on Jimmy John's--an admirable choice I must say. Before we knew it, it was time. I asked if she wanted to call her mother one last time before I took her in. Kylee decided that she did want to talk to her mom, so I got out of the car and unloaded her suitcases while she talked. Little did I know that you HAVE to drive your missionary in, so after she finished her call I put all the suitcases back in and drove the 20 feet to the MTC. We were told that we had two and a half minutes to unpack, take pictures, and say goodbye. I pulled up to the curve and we hustled to get everything finished in time. Eventually we just ripped the band-aid and parted ways: me to the doctor and Kylee to her mission. The people of her mission are going to be so blessed by her!

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