Orientation has started and things are starting to settle down which is a huge relief! On Thursday my class took a trip to DC to visit the World Bank. After all 'official' visits, we were given a few hours on the National Mall. Most of my classmates went to grab lunch and then on to the Air and Space Museum. I snuck away to the National Gallery of Art and loved every minute of it. 

Before I even got to the collections I was blown away by the building. This place is so incredible and the sheer scale is amazing!

I am a sucker for Monet so I headed to this collection first. This exhibit is much smaller than the one in Paris, but I was still able to see some of his waterlilies. 

The National Gallery also has a healthy collection of Degas and Renoir, another two artists I simply adore. 

There is this dreamy courtyard right outside the special exhibition wing. If I lived in DC I would probably park myself here and never leave!

Also, how do I get this job? In several art museums that I have visited I have seen artists creating replicas. Is that you know you've arrived? When museums let you come in and set up shop?

The National Gallery of Art has this really great signs so you know exactly which gallery you are going into. I don't know about other art goers, but I really appreciate clear cut signs. 

And, finally, London. I had never seen this piece before but I loved it immediately. This piece had me longing for London. I had this urge to run home and book a ticket, but I resisted. 

This afternoon was perfect. I have never lived so close to a major art museum before, but I have a feeling that I will be a frequent patron. 

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