Sometimes I wish I didn't have to grow up. I wish I was still in kindergarten or something and the biggest worry in my life is if there is going to be chocolate milk after nap time. Oh, the dreams. I am growing up, though.

I've been in grad school all of six weeks and my life is going in a totally different direction than I had ever imagined. It's like a major curveball came out of left field (too many baseball metaphors?). What do you do when something like that happens? How do you reconcile that? If you're me, you call your mother ten times a day for validation to make sure you're not crazy. She tells you you're not and wait a while and then call again. It's a comforting cycle even if it's a little ridiculous.

I'm still wading through my options and trying to pencil in a path in this new direction but I think it's good. I think I am simply going to trust in the Lord and start moving my feet. Because in the end, I think that's really all you can do.

(Sorry if this is vague, but sometimes you just gotta write out your thoughts, ya know? It's therapeutic.)

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