You when it's finals week and you should be spending hours slaving over your notes, but instead you find every possible reason not to? Welcome to my life. Instead, I'm making my dream Christmas wish list.

Round-trip tickets to London

We all know how much I love this city. I NEED to go to back. If Santa were to slip a ticket into my stocking I think I would die.

Wal-Mart Sugar Cookies

I love these cookies. I could eat a whole box in one sitting. Is a whole pallet too much to ask for?

Christian Louboutins

These are the most perfect shoes in the entire world, a work of art really. 

The Complete Works of Victor Hugo

Victor Hugo, be still my beating heart. He's my absolute favorite author. I just love him.

Ed Sheeran

This man is a lyrical genius. I'd go for concert tickets...or lunch. I'm not picky. 

Leather Satchel

I can't go to law school without a leather satchel. What would Elle Woods think?

Ugly Christmas Sweater

One can never have too many ugly Christmas sweaters and this one is perfect. 

TSwift's Return to Spotify

C'mon, Taylor, come back to Spotify. It's the best thing for all of us.

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  1. sheridan.merkley09 December, 2014 11:26

    Amen! Some great ideas that I may apply to my own list😉


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