I've decided to start something new. Some of you know that my relocation to the East Coast has been bumpy. I won't get into all the details, but it's been much harder than I thought it would be. I also think that at times my attitude about the whole situation has added to it.

So in an effort to readjust my attitude and learn to see the silver lining in all things, each Friday I've decided to take inventory of the previous and find five things that made me happy or were just great in general. Plus I think it's important to recognize the good in general.

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  • My mom and I went to the temple together on Monday and it was a perfect day.
  • When I was in Oxford this summer, my classmates and I found this amazing restaurant called Nando's. I thought this blessed chain was only in the UK, but there are several in the Baltimore/DC area so Mom and I went. It's just as delicious as it is in Oxford!
  • I came back to my apartment and my room was spotless. I forgot that I had cleaned so thoroughly before I went home. There's really nothing better than coming home to a spotless house!
  • I was reunited with my classmates! 
  • I unpacked all the new books I bought over break. I am now officially out of bookshelf space, which is always a happy problem to have. I bought a whole slew of classics that I can't wait to dive into. 

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