There are few things more exhausting and discouraging than looking for a job. Things that once used to be no big deal, like checking your email, become panic-inducing activities. And sometimes I feel a little like this:

I've been trying to get out of my job hunt slump and have found a few things to keep up the motivation. I feel like I should include a disclaimer that this is no way gospel truth, just things that worked for me and it feels like every person I know is job hunting, so it feels selfish not to share.

1. Balance

I feel like looking for a job could easily take over my life, but I also think that it's unhealthy to sit in front of my computer all day, every day. I set aside at least two hours each day, usually in the morning, to look for postings, apply for jobs, and respond to emails. It helps me feel like I'm making progress without it consuming my whole being. 

2. Work Out

While I am no psychologist, I think there's definitely a link between physical exercise and focus. On days when I get a run in or play tennis with the sibs, I am way more focused on everything else, not just the job hunt. Plus, a good work out is a great way to get out of the house too. I've been putting in some time at the tennis courts and it's been glorious. 

3. Connect with Others on the Hunt

Think of it like a support group of sorts. One of my friends and I talk on a daily basis about how our respective job searches are going. Not only is this is a great way to get a good pep talk now and then, but it also keeps you accountable. I know I've got to keep applying because I know she's going to ask me about it and I don't want to look lame! 

4. Find Things to Fill Your Time

This one kind of goes hand-in-hand with number one, but it's good to have other things to fill your time with besides job-hunting-related things. For me, my mother's house is getting a facelift and my painting muscles are getting a workout. I've also been rereading the Harry Potter series, watching the US Open, and brushing up on the piano.

Aside from just finding activities to fill your hours, have fun too. Life is meant to be enjoyed! Find a new hobby, do things that make you laugh. Have a game night, go a hike, watch a terrible movie. 

5. Give Yourself a Break

Job hunting takes time, there's just no way around that. I know it's hard not to get discouraged, but take comfort in knowing that it takes time for everyone. To make sure I'm keeping perspective, I take every Sunday off from my search. I don't look for jobs, I don't write cover letters. Heck, I don't even open my computer most Sundays. Take a step back, give yourself a breather. 

So chin up, fellow job hunters! We'll all get through this! 

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