It's All Hallow's Eve Eve and if you're like me, you have no costume planned yet. Enter the Lazy Girl's Guide to Halloween. You may think you have no costume, but your closet (and your parents') is a treasure trove of costumes waiting to happen.

Lady Sybil
Do you have genie pants and a crazy headband? Bam! You're Lady Sybil from Season 2 of Downton Abbey. Bonus points if you can find a handsome Tom Branson to take you to the Halloween dance.

Go to Target. Get a "Hi, my name is..." tag. Write "Dave" (or any other name you fancy) on it. And you're Dave à la Jim Halpert.

Dwight Shrute
Does your dad have a mustard yellow dress shirt? Pair it with some khakis, part your hair down the middle and you're Dwight K. Shrute, my friend.

Snape, Death Eater, Favorite Hogwarts Students
If you've graduated recently and had to purchase an exasperatingly expensive graduation gown, your moment has come. Dust off the old cobwebs of that gown, pick up a stick from your backyard and bask in the glory of your Harry Potter costume and the knowledge that you're getting some use out of the grad gown.

Grab that selfie stick your parents picked you up in Rome and you're all set. Go all in and wear an "I Love NY" to up your game.

This one is fool proof. You've been perfecting it your whole life. In fact, you're probably already in this costume so head out the door and let the Halloweening begin.


  1. Also, undercover CIA agent, and a nudist on strike!

    1. ^^^Filing these away for next year's guide haha


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