Another year has come and gone. Is anyone else pinching themselves and thinking we were just watching Taylor Swift in Times Square a few weeks ago?

As I took inventory of my year I decided to do something different than the "highlights of my year" reel. Instead I looked at what I learned from 2015, from the menial to the important.

1.   Find a workout you love, then it's not so much of a chore.
2.   Invest in good mascara.
3.   Exchange buying things for investing in experiences.
4.   Keep a journal.
5.   Do what makes you feel beautiful.
6.   Find small things to progress in.
7.   Get a Skype account and make time to keep in touch with people.
8.   Ask for help and then accept it.
9.   Surround yourself with people who can help you keep perspective.
10. Do not underestimate the power of foam earplugs.
11. Always have a planner.
12. Find ways to serve others.
13. Go on hikes, unplug, and enjoy nature.
14. Clean out your closet and be realistic about what you do and do not wear.
15. Develop your spirituality.


  1. #10...take away from girls camp? ;) love and miss you! ~Jennifer

  2. Absolutely haha I miss you lots! Hopefully I make it back up for a visit soon!


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