Ah, a new year. Resolutions, goals, but (and most importantly) new Downton Abbey episodes! Mom and I have been binge watching seasons 1-5 in preparation for the new (and last :( ) season, rekindling my love for 1920s fashion and Branson in one fell swoop.

As we tucked into our seats, absolutely glued to the screen, this is what was going through my head:

  1. I have never been more excited to see that golden retriever!
  2. Mrs. Pattmore: facilitating marriages in one form or another since series 2.
  3. The Dowager Countess is the unparalleled Queen of Sass.
  4. "This week on Keeping Up With Spratt and Denker..."
  5. Where are all the handsome men....Atticus? Tom? Mr. Talbot? 
  6. Is Spratt's favorite song "Thinking Out Loud"? Because he's mentioned it like 20 times.
  7. Oh, those clothes (heart-eye emoji)
  8. Carson should just fold a note into a triangle and send it down the table to Mrs. Hughes. Cut out the middle man--woman. 
  9. Ok, but did Billboard Music sponsor this episode? Because Carson is all "I Knew You Were Trouble" when Miss Bevin blackmails Mary.
  10. But really, WHERE IS TOM BRANSON?????????

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