Turkey, day 2! We woke up in our hotel and used the diabolical shower once again and ate an interesting breakfast.  Honestly, cucumbers and tomatoes are not acceptable at 7:30 in the morning.  The whole group piled onto the bus and began the long drive to Troy. The scenery coming out of Istanbul is amazing! The hills just go on forever and covered in mustard fields and wild flowers. The drive lasted for a couple of hours.  I'm sure that our professors and bus driver appreciated our singing the entire time :) We finally arrived in this picturesque town  where we were going to cross the Dardanelles. This is where I ate my first real kabob.  I feel like I blog about food a lot, but it's just so delicious :) The Turks also eat this delectable lentil soup at most meals.  It's so good with a little bit of pepper and bread!

The crossing took about 45 minutes and it was so wonderful to just enjoy being on the water and looking at two continents at the same time.  A huge ocean freighter (not sure if that's even a word) passed us and it's wake soaked half of our group.  Loved it! We had another long drive after we got to the Asia side.  There is nothing better than listening to John Mayer and driving through beautiful country.  I highly recommend it to anyone have a rough day. Eventually we arrived at Troy.  Troy is breathtaking! The ruins are overgrow with wildflowers and wispy grass.  Our guide was able to point out the different layers from the all the archeological period.  I can't believe how long this city has been here! When we got to the theater we reenacted scenes from the Iliad.  It so helped the text to come alive to read it where it is supposed to have happened.  There's nothing like it.

After we played at Troy, we headed to a seaside town called Canakkale to stay for the night.  Our hotel was right on the water so most of us spent the night walking up and down the broad walk.  The sunset was unbelievable! The clouds looked like they were painted in the sky.  It was so nice to just sit on the rocks and listen to the water kissing the shore. We spent a good hour and a half just taking pictures and getting closer as a group. It was a night well spent :)

As Brother Muhlestein, my religion professor would say: All pau (done in Hawaiian).

Asia from our ferry

My roommate Becca and I, Canakkale

The freighter that splashed us

Beautiful sunset, Canakkale

Clouds painted in the sky

Andrew and I at Troy

Me at the ferry crossing

Me at Troy

Rob and I at Canakkale

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