After a great night in Canakkale, we woke up and ran out to the pier for one last lesson from this region.  We looked out over the water and saw the Island of Patmos.  Our professor proceeded to tell the story of Paul's vision where the man begs him to bring them the Gospel.  It was an amazing feeling to see the scriptures come to life right before my eyes.  I am continually surprised by how much I am learning and gaining from my experiences here.
Me at the Assos overlook
 We then drove to the beautiful town of Assos.  Assos is situated at the top of a high hill that overlooks the Aegean Sea.  It is the most beautiful view in the entire world! The deep turquoise water goes on for miles and every now and then you can see an emerald island floating in the sea.  I loved just sitting on the rocks and looking out over this majestic landscape...seascape.
Matt, Jacey, Me, and Rob at Pergamum
Me at Assos overlooking the Aegean
 From Assos we began to travel along the coast to Pergamum.  As we drove along the beautiful coastline, the tantalizing water seemed to be calling for us to come out and dip our feet.  Luckily, our professor convinced our bus driver and let us play in the water for about ten minutes. As lame as it may sound, this might be the highlight of the trip :) It was pure happiness to jump off the bus and run into the water.  I felt like a four-year-old on Christmas morning!
Me at Pergamum

Me at Pergamum
 We finally arrived in Pergamum, which the book of Revelations teaches is the seat of Satan.  Who knew it was Turkey ;)  Pergamum, like every other site we went to, was beautiful! There were tons of wildflowers that splashed the landscape with color.  The ruins were still in pretty good shape which allowed us to get a feel for what the city was truly like.  The temple of Zeus was at Pergamum and the stones that were used are this brilliant white color. It was stunning against the emerald grass! The ancient city was built on a high hill so we were able to look over the modern city.  It seems like any hill that you stand on in the Middle East allows to see for miles--I love it!
Ruins at Pergamum

Column at Temple of Trajan (Pergamum)


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