I have definitely been slacking on updating everyone about my Jerusalem adventures, sorry :( This last week we went on the best fieldtrip so far.  We spent the morning in the city of David.  The original city of Jerusalem isn't located inside the city walls, but is on a little piece of land shaped like a triangle.  The first part of the fieldtrip was typical: we watched a movie and talked about rocks. I feel like I should be able to tell all the rocks apart, but that's just not true :)
After the movie and rock-talk, we proceeded to enter Hezekiah's tunnel.  The tunnel was the main water way for the city around the time of Jeremiah the prophet. The tunnel still has water flowing through it, so we got to wade :) There's nothing better than almost swimming in the middle of Jerusalem in the summer! The tunnel is pitch black and somehow I was at the front of the group.  There was another group of classmates ahead of us which turned out to be an adventure :) We were walking through with our flashlights off and just as we turned them on Josh jumped out in front of me.  I thought I was going to lose it! I haven't screamed that loud in a long time :) They started moving on ahead of us and my group just kept inching along.  They must have reached the end of the tunnel and turned around because before I knew it I heard the ominous sounds of quick feet and splashing.  It was like something out of the Lord of the Rings.  I was expecting some huge Orc, but it turned out to be just Josh again.  He was sprinting towards me and he and Rob made a sandwich out of me.  I was soaked from head to toe! So much for the no splashing rule, Brother Muhlestein :) It was one of my favorite field trips so far.  I will for sure be going again; I like feeling like I'm in the movies!
Said rocks

Entering the Tunnel

Josh the Orc

We're soaked, but we made it :) 

Me overlooking the Mt of Olives

Me and West J-ru

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