The last two days in Jordan were filled adventure! We stayed in Amman and just took a day trip for the third day.  We went up to Jerash, which is biblical Jershon.  We spent the day playing among the Roman ruins and filming silly videos.  The landscape was amazing! Israel and Jordan tend to get very brown during the summer months when the rains stop, but Jerash seemed to be holding tight to its last bit of emerald grass.  The city itself was wonderful! The rooms and buildings were still beautifully intact.  I felt for the first time that I was able to look at a ruin and was able to tell what the space had been used for.  It was nice to be able to distinguish the rocks :) At the theater I discovered that I probably have a promising career in cheerleading....our stunting was quite graceful!
On our drive up to Jerash from Amman, our group stopped at the Jabbok River. Brother Muhlestein gave a wonderful devotional about Jacob and his willingness to sacrifice everything for the Lord. We were then given time to think and write in our journals.  I am so grateful for the examples of so many great men and women! I hope that I can be more like: willing to do whatever is asked of me, regardless of how hard it seems in the moment.
Our last day was spent in Amman.  I love this city! I was surprised by how much I liked it.  It's so full of life and character! Ah, wonderful!! In the morning we went to an ancient Roman theater that was just huge.  I have never seen anything like it.  It was like the Marriott Center on steroids :) There is a spot in the theater where you can stand and everyone can hear what you're saying, even if you're only speaking in a normal voice.  A group of friends and I decided to treat our fellow classmates to a rendition of 'Don't Stop Believin.' Unfortunately, we forgot half of they lyrics to the second verse :( Journey would've been appalled.
The last stop on our trip was to the banks of the Jordan River.  We went to the traditional baptismal site of Christ.  There is a beautiful spirit about the place.  The reeds grow right up to the river and the water peacefully slides past.  It was so serene and a wonderful place to ponder.  I loved sitting in this sacred spot and reflecting on my own baptism.  I was overwhelmed by how blessed I am! Heavenly Father loves us so much!!!
Janessa, Becca, and I enjoying the museum

Camille and I at the Jabbok River

Jacey and I at Jerash

Joan and I are Jerash

The girls at Jerash

Go Cougs!

A little taste of our bus rides

More bus rides....

Josiah and I at the theater in Amman

The theater at Amman, Jaime and I

Me at the Jordan River walk

Ali and I ate the Baptismal site, Jordan River

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