This past week we went on one of our last fieldtrips in Israel.  I can't believe that my time here is almost over.  Four months has flown by and I'm a little heart broken that I have to leave soon.  I don't like to think about, so I've convinced myself that if I ignore it, it won't ever come :)
For this particular fieldtrip, we visited five different churches all around Jerusalem.  I love churches!! I think they are among some of my favorite places to visit in the city.  They're all so beautiful.  The churches are so peaceful too.  When you cross the threshold of the building the walls seem to drown out the hustle and bustle of the city.  I forget sometimes that I am in the middle of a huge metropolitan area.  It's a wonderful escape.  We visited a Franciscan church, a Greek Orthodox, a Church whose primary language is Aramaic, a Russian Orthodox, and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.   It was an amazing fieldtrip, probably one of my favorites.   I love how much religion is part of this city.  Everyone here is so open about, which is a refreshing change.
Last night was the beginning of the end.  Our first of our 'farewell' events was our formal talent show.  It was held in the auditorium overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem.  There were several piano pieces played and a plethora of vocal performances.  I am amazed at the talent this group possess.  Piano pieces that I have only dreamed of learning to play were performed impeccably.  One of my friends and I played a piano duet entitled 'My Heavenly Father Loves Me.' I loved practicing and performing.  It was well worth the weeks of preparation.  Enjoy!
Franciscan Chapel  

I love churches!

Joansie, Me, and Jenny

Getting restless during the fieldtrip......

The Crypt! 

Just a pretty street in the Old City 

Entrance to St. Mark's 

Interior of the Russian Orthodox Church 

Alpha and Omega, Lutheran Church of the Redeemer 

Erica and I the night of the Talent Show 

Josiah, my duet partner, and I after the Talent Show 

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