I was trying to come up with a pithy name for this post, but I decided to just be blunt.  I want a dog.  I want a dog more than a four year old wants Christmas morning to come.  This is new for me since I don't particularly like dogs.  They're kind of smelly and like to lick, but I've simply decided that I want one.  I'm torn between two different kinds, so maybe I'll just get both.  I want a cute little maltipoo named Daphne.  I feel that a little dog would be nice because they probably wouldn't make that big of mess.  They just play and make people happy.  I also want a big dog, though. Big dogs are good for protection (we all know how dangerous Provo is) and because you have a permanent running buddy.  I have thought a lot about what type of big dog I want and I've settled on an Old English Sheepdog.  They're just so cute!!! I want to name my sheepdog Trapper.  It's kind of tough, but not overly menacing.  Big dogs tend to hog the bed though; I'm not sure how I feel about that.  I only have a twin.  Maybe I'll find a dog that likes to sleep on the floor....
Old English Sheepdog

I want Trapper to look just like this 

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