I'm finally back in the US and over the jet lag.  It is still kind of weird to be back in the States where everything is in English.  I love being able to read all the signs and know exactly what a store is going to sell before I walk in.  Before I came back out to Utah for school, I spent a week and a half with the fam in North Carolina.  We spent a week at the beach and it was glorious! I just love the beach :) I can't even describe the absolute joy that it brings to me.  We would go out in the mornings and evenings, skipping the hottest part of the day which was blissfully spent indoors.  I was pleasantly surprised by the size of the waves.  I was expecting just some little baby ones, but they were quite impressive.  We spent the afternoons boogie-boarding into shore and then chasing the waves back out again.  It was pure bliss!  The evenings were spent either playing games or watching movies the little beach house we rented.  It was the perfect way to make the transition from Israel to school again. I loved getting to spend time with my family and getting to spend time in Dixieland :)

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