Sorry for the late update!! I feel like I jumped right into the middle of the semester rather than easing into it.  It's like in Harry Potter when it mentions that Harry, Ron, and Hermione feel the increase in course load.  I went from having zero homework to having more than time allows for.  As I look at my list of goals that I made for the semester I'm feeling pretty good.  I am keeping up with school for the most part and keeping my life pretty balanced.  This coming week may kill me.  I have two midterms, an ultimate frisbee game, and several other commitments.  I have no idea how I am going to do it all, but I'm sure that I'll find a way :)

Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man
I am definitely keeping my goal of spending two hours outside of class in the Anatomy lab.  I spend three hours every week learning the material that was presented in lab in preparation for our weekly quizzes.  So far I've aced them all! I love anatomy.  I definitely think that I made the right decision to go into the medical field :) I love learning how everything in the body fits together and works.  It is the most amazing creation in the entire universe!! The more I learn about the body the more I come to appreciate it.  There is no way that this just happened, but rather I know that Heavenly Father created us.  The study of anatomy has solidified this truth.  I am humbled each time we turn to the cadavers and I see how intricate the design of the body is.  Each part perfectly fits into its location.  I am so excited for the opportunity to study this divine creation more closely.  I have looked forward to this class for a long time and it has not disappointed :)

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