I think my favorite part of college is all the mini adventures that happen while you're living away from home. This last weekend was Girl's Night In and Keyla and I decided to RedBox a movie to watch with our friend Emily.  We picked Something Borrowed and it was perfect! It was the typical chick flick: girl likes guy, guy is unavailable but likes her too, huge drama, happily ever after.  After we finished it, we just started it again :) After this our weekend got busy and we totally forgot about RedBox movie.  Days went by, well only three, and we still hadn't returned it yet.  The deadline to return the movie is 9pm each night or they charge you for another day.  On Monday Keyla and I were sitting in our room.  At 8:45pm she suggests that we return the movie.  We only had fifteen minutes to get it in and the nearest RedBox was a few blocks away.  Since neither of us have cars we knew what we were going to have to do: make a run for it.  We dashed out the door and sprinted all they way to 7-11 and barely got the movie back in time. I felt like we were in one of those overly dramatic commercials for Netflix.  If only we had had some dramatic music to accompany us...

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