Have you ever seen the movie Moulin Rouge! ? It's soooooo good :) In one of the songs, the ever charming and dashing Christian proclaims, 'Love is a many splendid thing! Love lifts us up where we belong...All you need is LOVE!' I must say that he makes a very good case :) But love is more than just a candle-lit dinner or a romantic stroll on the beach or through the soft lit streets of Paris (take your pick :) ).  So this is what I think love is....

  • when your bestie paints your nails for you because you don't want to but they are in desperate need of a fresh coat of paint
  • when Mama sends you a package just because she misses you
  • when your aunt sends you Reese's Pieces while you're in Israel because you love them so much and they don't sell them there
  • when your baby sister lets you borrow her clothes when you get home from college because everything you own is in the washing machine :)
  • when your roommate brings your a red velvet cupcake from the Cocoa Bean!
  • when a friend meets you every...well most mornings to go to the gym
  • when your aunt brings you blueberries because she knows that you love them more than anything on this green earth 
  • when your visiting teacher brings a delightful treat for the Chinese New Year
  • when your roommates don't make fun of your excessive dancing
  • when your dad makes you pazole every time you come home from school because it's your favorite
  • when Mama lets you drive her car anytime you want because you miss driving at school
  • when your bestie g-chats with you even though you're at work and she's in class

Love love love my life!

Here's the video from Moulin Rouge! for all you romantics :) 

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