So I work at BYU Independent Study.  I mostly just answer phones and send faxes, which doesn't sound super glamorous, but in truth, I change lives. Sure, somedays I don't alter the course of someone's life, but other days, I do just that.  One Tuesday I arrived at work after a long lecture about killer bacteria and found myself on the phone with a young man in a terrible dilemma. He wanted to take a lovely girl to a dance, I think it was prom.  Unfortunately he did not attend to her school and needed to prove to her principal that he was enrolled in school.  His fate seemed sealed, hopeless.  However, it was this young man's lucky day.  With a quick trip to the fax machine I sent a letter and saved this knight in shining armor's prom! So next time you think that faxes and phones are nothing more than modes of communication, just remember that they can save prom :)

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