Yesterday was a big day.  I had a presentation for BYU/SA.  I spent the last year working on a research project and yesterday I had the opportunity to present my findings to the Student Advisory Council.  I was super super nervous, but overall I think it went well.  Plus, I got to wear a pencil skirt, so it was a win win :)
Right before my presentation, I also had an interview as part of the application process to get into the Clinical Lab Science program at BYU.  Part of this program includes a six month internship at the hospital working in the diagnostics lab.  As I was asking more about the internship it just kind of hit me.....I don't want to work in a lab at all.  CLS is more just a stepping stone for me to get to PA, but if that doesn't work out then I will end up working in a field that I absolutely hate.  While the director continued to explain the six month internship I knew that I couldn't do it.  The more and more I thought about it the more comfortable I felt with this decision.  Being the grown-up that I am, I called my mama to talk things over :) By the end of the conversation I had made a pretty solid decision...........I am going to finish up my pre-reqs for PA school and major in business!
I've been in a business class this semester and I love love love it! Every time that I go to class I feel like I am hanging on every word the presenter says.  It's so intriguing and interesting; it feels like a good fit.  Not only that, but it leaves tons of doors open for me--always a good feeling :) I am heading to the advisement office today to see what I need to do to make this happen so hopefully it'll all work out! I have to apply to the program so I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but from here on out it's reading the Journal, watching the stock market, and doing other business-y things :) Who knew that one interview would change my whole perspective?

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