Provo's gift to the college student
I have this terrible habit of forgetting to go grocery shopping.  It's never convenient to go and I never know what I want to cook for the next two weeks, so sometimes I just avoid it.  I never go hungry; I inevitably end up going to the store to pick up the essentials and somehow it turns into to a full-blown shopping trip, cart and everything. However, every once in a while the universe blesses me with a comical encounter...
On Tuesday Keyla and I embarked on one of these adventures.  I needed to run my rent up to my landlord so we figured we would stop at this little taco shop on the way home.  We ate our tacos (almost as good as Grandma Lopez's) and picked up
The famed bread
a few things at the Mexican supermarket and headed to Macy's.
We strolled into Macy's and headed towards the bread aisle. As it was my turn to buy bread, I began scanning the rows for the cheapest wheat bread that I could find.  I'm not a complete cheap-o so I ruled out the $1.50 loaf that looked like it would be a hockey puck in two days and selected the very convincing $2.50 loaf.  As I'm putting my bread in my cart another fellow student comments that I shouldn't skimp on bread and informs me that the Grandma Sycamore brand is the only way to go.  While I love Grandma Sycamore as much as the next student, it costs almost four dollars! I don't love her that much, haha.  We continued to banter back and forth concerning the quality of this brand and if it was really worth the $4 price tag. Laughing I informed my new friend that he didn't know my life to which his wittingly retorted, "You're right, but I know Grandma Sycamore."
Well played, sir, well played.

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