Today's the day! Well, it's just a day really.  Although this just might be the day that kills. I woke up this morning, looked at my planner, and seriously considered getting back into bed.  I think I have one free hour all day long.  Why do I do this to myself?! Earlier this semester I decided that I wanted to apply to be an Executive Director for BYU/SA (BYU's equivalent of student government).  I applied to three different areas and they all called back to interview me....the same day...within an hour and a half  of each other. No big deal, right? Hopefully by the last one I'll still be coherent :) Less than two hours after my last interview I have a big presentation for the Strategy club (I made good on my promise to join!).  My team and I are presenting our solution to Escrowtech International, a local firm with a huge client base. We were asked to come up with a method to increase the demand of escrows in the software industry.  I joined the team the week before we were to present.  I felt a little in over my head, but after some research on my own I felt like I was finally able to contribute at our last team meeting.  We present tonight and the winner receives a prize :) Wish me luck!! Let's home I make it to my intramural tournament game later tonight....

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